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Title: Captain John Hampshire, 23rd Fighter Group
Post by: Mark Joyce on August 07, 2008, 10:39:40 PM
Many P-40 followers know of Capt. Hampshire, who flew with the 75th FS, 23rd FG, and who was killed in action on May 2, 1943.  At the time of his death, he had 13 confirmed victories which tied him for top American P-40 ace with Robert Neale and Bruce Holloway.

Capt. Hampshire's hometown is Grants Pass, Oregon.  In 1998 the small airport there was renamed in his honor.  Earlier this week my family and I were returning to California from a vacation in Washington state, and  during the drive back we swung by the airport.  There is a nice memorial for him, so anyone who is in the area might want to consider checking it out.  I took several photographs, including one of the plaque at the base of the flagpole and another of my daughter standing by the sign at the entrance:

Title: Re: Captain John Hampshire, 23rd Fighter Group
Post by: Johnny Signor on July 23, 2009, 03:05:16 AM
Much thanks for posting the photos of the memorail plaque about Capt.Hampshire and the airport named for him, it is always good to see that people such as he are not forgotten for what they did for us during WW2, and I am glad you posted the photos as I didn't know of this memorial ! Those boys were a special bunch and I got to meet some of the AVG boys a few years back and it was an honor to be able to talk with them and get photos/autographs of them, it really brings to life the stories I've read of thier exploits and missions !!!
All of them and all the other veterans of WW2 are "The Greatest Generation" !!!!!!!!