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Title: CAF P-40N crack up
Post by: Vince_M on March 20, 2019, 06:16:18 AM
Looks like another pilot walks away - tough P-40!
This looks fixable but expensive for the CAF.
It might be one of the original CAF planes!

https://worldwarwings.com/last-weekends-p-40-crash-leaves-airframe-crippled/ (https://worldwarwings.com/last-weekends-p-40-crash-leaves-airframe-crippled/)

Title: Re: CAF P-40N crack up
Post by: Mark Joyce on March 20, 2019, 06:36:35 AM
Expensive, yes, considering it's going to need a complete engine overhaul if not a replacement (how many replacement Allison engines can there be?)

The article states "the pilotís system showed all gears down before approach, but there was a malfunction...The port side gear of the P-40 did not extend." It almost makes me think that someone on the ground needs to have eyes on these old warbirds to prevent accidents like this from happening...although even if the pilot knew the gear wasn't extended doesn't necessarily mean he could have taken corrective action.  Something could have simply broke, although if he knew in advance perhaps he could have shut off the engine right at landing to prevent it from being damaged?  I don't know much and I'm not a pilot so shouldn't assume anything, but I have to admit it's depressing to see these rare airplanes damaged or, worse yet, destroyed with the loss of life.  Fortunately this pilot walked away.

Title: Re: CAF P-40N crack up
Post by: Vince_M on March 20, 2019, 11:56:32 AM
The P-40N had those little yellow pegs that poke up above wing surface and provide visual feedback that the gear is down and locked.
I know because I'm planning to put those on "Lope's Hope" model.
I wonder if the pilot did not check or if they forgot to put the hydraulic handle back in neutral.
As you say, it could just be due to an old airplane...