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1  P-40 Warhawk Forums / P-40ís in WWII / Re: Serial numbers for P40 K-1 in the 49th FG on: November 27, 2013, 11:15:45 AM
I look at Pacific Wrecks almost daily.   I also check with Army Air Force site periodically.  I have request in to National  Air and Space Museum reference desk to see if they can find any Aircraft Record Cards to help narrow the search down a little bit. My hope is that if I can identify the serial number and that plane has already been discovered then possibly Lt Dennis's remains may also have been discovered and just not linked to anyone.  My wife submitted a DNA sample to JPAC to see if there is a match to their data base.
Sorry to hear about Ray's passing.   Any idea if his family has any written material or photos from  his time with the 49th?

Thanks again

Capt Whiz
2  P-40 Warhawk Forums / General Discussion / Re: P-40 aces symposium in Sacramento, CA, with photos on: November 27, 2013, 11:06:10 AM
Thanks Mark.  I knew it was too much to hope for.  I will try and  pursue the other two individuals from the symposium.  Do you know if any of the attendees had any written material from their time in the 49th?  Did they perhaps donate this material to a museum or even to one of the members of this forum?


Capt Whiz
3  P-40 Warhawk Forums / P-40ís in WWII / Serial numbers for P40 K-1 in the 49th FG on: November 27, 2013, 06:14:24 AM
I am looking for serial numbers for P40 K-1 assigned to the 49th FG. MY wife's uncle (Lt. Richard H. Dennis) went MIA on a flight to Cape Ward Hunt on Dec. 18, 1942. According to his flight log, he was flying a P40K but I cannot  find any reference to which plane he was flying.  I have checked in Protect an Avenge by Ferguson and could not  find anything.  There are several pictures of Lt Dennis in this book. One photo show Lt. Richard standing by his plane with two dice  (snake eyes) for the two planes he shot down.  He later added  a third plane and changed the name to  Acey Duecy (I think)

The 8th FS started getting P40K's(from the 7th FS and 9th FS) to replace the p40E in December of 42. P38's were just starting to become operational at this time. 

If a list of serial numbers exists, is there anyway to correlate the two digit numbers which were painted on aircraft  at that time.  I have gone through Joe Baughers list of serial numbers and found several references to P40k in New Guinea in the 49th  but the dates of accidents/crashes were either before or after Dec. 18  So no luck there. 

Any help/insights you might have would be greatly appreciated.


Capt Whiz
4  P-40 Warhawk Forums / General Discussion / Re: P-40 aces symposium in Sacramento, CA, with photos on: November 27, 2013, 05:53:35 AM
Hi, I am a new member and am looking for information on Lt. Richard H. Dennis a P40 pilot with the49th FG, 8th FS flyinging out of 3 mile strip in December of 1942.  He went MIA on Dec 18 , 1942 near Kokoda, New Guinea.   Is there any way to contact any of the four gentlemen who spoke at the symposium?  They may have important information regarding Lt. Dennis and his last flight.

The four people I am looking for are:

 -Robert Aschenbrener, 10 victory ace with the 49th FG;
 -Lynn Jones, 5 victory ace with the 23rd FG;
 -James Morehead, 8 victory ace with the 17th PS, 49th FG, and 1st FG;
 -Joel Paris, 9 victory ace with the 49th FG;

Any help in contacting them or their family would be truly appreciated.


Capt Whiz
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