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Question: In your opinion, which was the best P-40/Kittyhawk version that saw service?
P-40B/C -Tomahawk - 0 (0%)
P-40D/E - Kittyhawk Mk. I/IA - 1 (33.3%)
P-40F - Kitthawk Mk. II - 0 (0%)
P-40K - Kittyhawk Mk. III - 0 (0%)
P-40L - Kittyhawk Mk. IIA - 1 (33.3%)
P-40M - Kittyhawk Mk. III - 0 (0%)
P-40N - Kittyhawk Mk. IV - 1 (33.3%)
Total Voters: 3

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Author Topic: Best P-40/Kittyhawk variant?  (Read 26889 times)
Mark Joyce
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« on: May 18, 2013, 09:41:47 PM »

The question says it all:  In your opinion, which P-40/Kittyhawk variant that saw service (so the P-40Q doesn't count!) was the "best."  So this begs (another) question:  what is "best?"  I'll leave that definition up to each person who votes! Cheesy  Here's your chance, if you wish, to argue your decision.  

I separated the P-40F and P-40L since, in my opinion, there were enough differences to separate the two variants even though they were quite similar.  I did not do the same with the P-40B and P-40C, or P-40D and P-40E, because I didn't feel there were enough differences to warrant it; if you feel different then tell why.  

This is just an informal poll on a matter I sometimes think about, and am curious as to what others think.  And, for now, I'll leave my opinion on which was best to myself! Lips sealed
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